Doubling cube

Add friends via username.


In game chat

Custom board designs


Asynchronous play with no
time limits. 





"I’ve gone through every single backgammon multiplayer app and have yet to find one that ACTUALLY works.. until I found this one. Seamless, intuitive, easy to use. You can see which of your friends are already on the app by giving access to your contacts, and start games with new people that join by clicking on the notification. There’s also a built in chat which is cool. Highly recommend"

"So much better than any other app out there. Love being able to play my friends easily, and without a bunch of phony graphics. This will be the chess.com of backgammon."

- Charrless

This is hands-down the best backgammon app I’ve seen so far... and I’ve seen them all. It’s intuitive, easy to use, and beautifully designed. Tip of the hat the to the creators. Thank you for this gift."

- AGM reviews